Learn more CPU Render

Our farm supports a lot of CPU Renderengines, if you miss someone, please contact us. A rendernode with a dual Xeon consumes 9,5 rendercredits per hour. Thats around 1,20 € per hour, before german tax and discount. Get up to 50% discount, if you purchase large credits packs.

MAXON Cinema 4D Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk Maya
up to version 17 up to version 2017 up to Version 2016
v-ray 1.9 mental ray mental ray
advanced render v-ray 3 v-ray 3
standard render corona render software render
corona renderer NVIDIA iRay (cpu)  
  software render  
Autodesk Softimage Blender Modo
up to version 2015 up to 2.76 up to version 901
mental ray (limited nodes) v-ray 2.69 default render
v-ray default render  
software render blender cycles (cpu)