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Our farm supports a lot of gpu render engines, please contact us, if you missing someone. Each Node has 7x Tesla K40st or 5 Titan X Cards with 12GB. A rendernode consumes around 63 rendercredits per hour one lowest priority. Thats 7,95 € excl. german tax before discount. Get up to 50% discount if you purchase large credits packs.

Blender Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk Maya Softimage
up to version 2.76 up to version 2017 up to Version 2016 up to Version 2015
blender cycles v-ray rt v-ray 3 Redshift3D
  furryball NVIDIA iRay (gpu)  
  NVIDIA iRay (gpu) furryball  
  Redshift3D Redshift3D