Terms and conditions of participation in the Render4You Christmas Quiz

The Quiz is organized and sponsored by render4You.eu, Freiligrathring 7a, 61130 Nidderau, Germany

By participating , the user accepts the following terms and conditions.

Privacy policy
All personal information and transferred data will be used for the purpose of operating. No data will be given away to third party company’s. All uploaded files and output will be available for one week on your secured ftp account. After one week all files will be deleted from your account.

Registration and participation
The competition is being held during a limited period of time, from the 1st of December, 2018 to the 31st of December, 2018, 11:59 pm (GMT +1)
Users can enter the competition by correctly filling out the form of the questions. Additionally, each entrant has to provide his/her e-mail address.By checking the checkbox to accept these terms and conditions of participation (“I have read and accepted the terms and conditions and the privacy policy) and sending the information.
The participation is only possible via Internet. By taking part of our quiz, the participants agree upon and accept all terms and conditions of this competition. Participants will be responsible for their own Internet service and/or other network provider’s rates and service fees. render4You.eu cannot be held responsible for technical faults, particularly for suspension or failure of the telephone network, the network, electronic equipment or computers.
Participation in this competition is not dependent on the purchase of goods or services. Participation in the competition is free of charge.

Exclusion from the contest
Full or part-time employees of render4You.eu or any of its subsidiaries and all those involved in the design and implementation of the competition are excluded from participation. Participation via a third party, e.g. lottery entry services, is prohibited.
render4You.eu reserves the right to disqualify participants from entry, if there are legitimate grounds, such as breach of the terms and conditions of participation, (attempted) manipulation, etc. and render4You.eu is entitled to initiate legal proceedings. In the event of grounds for disqualification (including the breach of these terms and conditions of participation), prizes may also be retrospectively denied or must be returned to render4You.eu. In the event of disqualification on legitimate grounds, the entrant has no rights to bring claims of any kind against render4You.eu.

From all entrants who successfully registered for the competition in compliance with these terms and conditions of participation, three winner will be drawn after the end of the competition (31st of December, 2018). The 1st winner will receive Render4You RenderCredits worth 250 Euro, the 2nd winner will receive Render4You RenderCredits worth 125 Euro and the 3rd winner will receive Render4You RenderCredits worth 75 Euro.

Drawings for the prizes will be among all participants, providing the correct answers.

Notification and publication of the winner
The winner will be informed via e-mail and his/her name will be published by render4You.eu on social media channels on or about January 15th, 2019.
RenderCredits will be issued to the winners within 10 working days of getting in contact with the render4You.eu via e-mail.
The RenderCredits are non-transferable and cannot be substituted for a cash payment. The prizes are not exchangeable. In the event that the prize cannot be delivered within a one-month period following notification of the win due to reasons for which the entrant is responsible, his/her entitlement to the prize shall be cancelled. The entrant himself/herself is responsible for providing correct information. render4You.eu is not liable for any delay in a winner’s receipt of the prize.

The Competition is solely governed by German law. render4You.eu shall be released from all obligations concerning the Competition once the prizes have been issued. Prizes may be subject to taxation in the winner’s country of residence. It is the responsibility of the winner to pay any/all applicable taxes to the proper authorities.

render4You.eu reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend the competition for good reason. This right in particular may be exercised if the competition cannot be completed as planned, due to technical or legal reasons. If the conditions of termination only prevail in particular countries,render4You.eu has the right to decide whether to terminate this competition entirely or to continue it with entrants from the remaining countries only. In case of legitimate termination, no claims may be made against render4You.eu.

Legal recourse
All decisions are final