Basic: Erstell dein Account

Basic: Verbinde dich mit der Farm

Basic: Manuelle Installation

Basics: Übermittlung mit Cinema4d

Basics: Übermittlung mit 3DS Max

Basics: Übermittlung mit Blender

Cloud Manager / Installation

Error 3: Can not connect to the render farm

Follow these steps .

1. Make sure you enter the correct account details:

STUDIO NAME: your studio name
USERNAME: your registration email
PASSWORD: your registration password

2. Firewall
Still not working, turn off your firewall for a moment. If this was the problem make an exception rule in your firewall software to allow the cloud manager connection. Maybe you have to open port 17393

3. Secure network
Are you on a sercure network with closed ports? We need port 17393 to be open to connect to the farm.

4. Still not able to login after the steps above? Contact us please via skype or mail. 

My job is not downloading

Follow these steps :
1. Sometimes when your computer goes idle/sleepmode, the download will be suspended. Try logout and back in again to trigger the download.

2. Is your output location on a network or external disk? If so, try setting the output location to a local hardrive.

3. Do you have special charachters in the output name? if so, remove them.

4. Still not working? Contact us via mail or skype.


Where can I find my invoice?

We send the invoices, every month via email to you.