Redshift render farm support for 3.5.20

Render4you Redshift render farm support for 3.5.20

Render4you Redshift Render Farm has rolled out an update, bringing its Redshift version up to 3.5.20.

Please be aware that all tasks utilizing Redshift release 3.5 will now be using version 3.5.20. If you require a different version for your specific needs, we are happy to provide you with a custom version.

Earlier versions will be processed using Redshift versions 2.6.56 and 3.0.67, respectively.

Summary of the updates

  • Maya: Fixed render globals issue on Maya 2024/macOS for non-Apple Silicon hardware.
  • Cinema 4D: Added MatCap scale, rotate, and coordinate space support in viewport preview. Addressed various issues, including material presets and IPR-related problems.
  • Houdini: Added support for Houdini 19.5.752 and fixed issues related to packed geo instancing and environment light rotation.
  • Hydra: Added support for Solaris 19.5.752 and improved motion blur rendering.
  • Blender: Fixed issues with the latest Blender versions.
  • Real-Time (RT): Enhanced pixel-based displacement mapping performance and fixed artifacts. Improved light selection probabilities and added undersampling support.
  • General Fixes: Addressed issues related to device ordinals, ray switch nodes, light materials, EXR compression, and invalid node connections.

Redshift offers a variety of powerful features and works seamlessly with popular 3D modeling and animation software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Blender

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