Redshift render farm support for 3.5.23

Render4you Redshift render farm support for 3.5.21

Render4you Redshift Render Farm has rolled out an update, bringing its Redshift version up to 3.5.23.

Please be aware that all tasks utilizing Redshift release 3.5 will now be using version 3.5.23. If you require a different version for your specific needs, we are happy to provide you with a custom version.

Earlier versions will be processed using Redshift versions 2.6.56 and 3.0.67, respectively.

Release Notes Summary: Version 3.5.23 (2024.01)

Cinema 4D (C4D):

  •     Addressed a bug causing crashes, particularly during Interactive Photorealistic Rendering (IPR), resulting from specific sequences of scene edits.
  •     Resolved a regression in the 2024 plugin that previously hindered the functionality of assets in node materials.

Autodesk Maya:

  •     Fixed a bug that previously hindered the connection of the RS MatteShadow node to other shaders during scene translation.

SideFX Houdini:

  •     Introduced compatibility with Houdini version 20.0.547 while discontinuing support for version 19.5.752.
  •     Enhanced stability by rectifying various issues within the Viewport and RenderView IPR rendering code.
  •     Addressed a bug that could lead to crashes upon exiting the RenderView in Houdini 20.0.


  •     Added support for Solaris version 20.0.547 while discontinuing support for version 19.5.752.

Redshift offers a variety of powerful features and works seamlessly with popular 3D modeling and animation software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Blender

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